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ADRIÁN BRENES - Dancer, teacher, choreographer

Adrián Brenes is one of the rising stars of Flamenco.  Born in Conil, Cadiz, he began dancing at eight, studying with the famous 'La Truco' and has since trained with some of the most famous names, winning numerous awards for Alegrías and Sevillanas along the way.  He is the author of a unique individual style in which the assertive energy of the male dance (traditionally focused on the legs and feet) is channelled through the entire body, creating a joyous explosion of passion and charisma.  He has worked as a professional Flamenco dancer since 2012.

Adrián is now based in Madrid where his reputation continues to grow, with performances at Casa Patas and other famous venues.  He has forged strong links with the UK, dancing with Flamenco Express (London) and Alba Flamenca (Edinburgh).  In September 2015, he spent a season with the London Royal Opera, Covent Garden in their production of Carmen and in June 2016, performed and taught at various venues around Mexico City.

Adrián is a skilled and sensitive teacher with considerable experience.  He speaks fluent english and has taught in London, Scotland, Gloucestershire and South Wales.  When not performing, he teaches Flamenco at the Instituto La Truco in Madrid.

MARISA SAINZ - Singer and dance teacher

Born in the Flamenco heartland of San Fernando, Marisa is an all-round performer who can dance as well as she sings.  She trained at the Seville Dance Conservatory and has taken classes with some of the best flamenco dancers over the past twenty years.  She now combines singing with dance teaching and is recognised as one of Flamenco's most capable and original female singers with appearances all over Spain.  

Her dance school is one of the most famous in Andalusia, recently featured in the German TV series 'Tansalarm.'





MARÍA PARDO - Dancer and dance teacher

Maria was born in Cadiz in 1989 and began dancing at five.  She later became part of the Paca Briceño Folk Dance Ballet, appearing in many national and international festivals.  At sixteen, she entered the Conservatorio Maribel Gallardo in Cadiz as a full-time student of Flamenco before gaining a Master of Music degree at the University of Madrid.  Maria has danced and choreographed numerous Flamenco shows in Spain and overseas and recently produced two shows for children.  She is a regular performer on renowned Madrid stages and in 2015 was runner-up in the National Alegrías competition at the famous La Perla de Cadiz.

Maria is a talented teacher. She is employed by the music school Educo-Musico as advisor on the professional development of dance teachers and is responsible for dance at the music school Aula-Sonora in Madrid.






DAVID CUEVAS ESPINOSA - Guitarist and guitar teacher

David Cuevas credit © Tricia de Courcy Ling-Flamenke -1.jpg

David is a Flamenco guitarist and composer from Cadiz.  He has performed with many well-known artists in Madrid and Cadiz, acting as musical director and guitarist for numerous Flamenco tours and events.  He has also composed music for several leading artists, including Andy Lucas and Maria Carrasco and has contributed to recordings for Sony ATV and Warner recording companies.

David's personal style is complex, ranging from lyrical delicacy to a driving intensity, characteristic of the best Flamenco guitar.  His inventiveness and skill make him a great accompanist, as well as a thrilling soloist.  He is also an experienced and inspiring teacher.








Jesús, from San Fernando, Cadiz, was born in to a traditional Flamenco family where his talent was apparent from an early age.  He went on to study with leading teachers in his area, absorbing the work of Flamenco ‘greats’,  especially the legendary ‘Camarón de la Isla’ as he defined his own unforgettable style. 

Performing in an impressive range of genres, he has won numerous prizes and awards in Andalusia, most recently in the Camarón de la Isla Memorial competition and the prestigious National Competition of Three Songs in Madrid and has shared stages with some of Flamenco's leading performers.

He is a singer of character with a powerful, poignant voice and a comprehensive knowledge of Flamenco style, particularly the songs of his native Cadiz.  He can equally perform solos, work in a group or accompany dance and has performed in Morocco, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, England, Ireland and the United States, as well as some of the most renowned theatres of Spain.  

In August 2015, he released his first recording 'La Voz de Mi Alma' (The Voice of my Soul) to both critical and commercial acclaim.



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