¡Viva el Ritmo!


Flamenke provide uplifting customised Feria Dance holidays, to include daily Sevillana lessons and visits to a local Feria to practise your steps.

The Feria de Jerez

These weeks concentrate on learning Sevillanas, a type of folk music and dance of Andalusia (and the most accessible form of Flamenco), which are always danced in pairs.  Sevillanas have a relatively limited musical pattern but are rich in lyrics based on country life, community, pilgrimages, nature and love. They are frequently performed at fairs and festivals by couples of all ages and sexes and often by entire families and towns.

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The dance consists of four parts, each divided in to 3 'coplas' as illustrated to a high standard below (see Feria de Jerez video above for a more realistic version!).  A visit to the Spring Feria offers a truly memorable experience, where regular top-ups of the local 'vino de Jerez' can vastly improve your steps.

La Primera

La Segunda

La Tercera

La Cuarta

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